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Pequawket, New Hampshire, United States

Mt. Chocorua

A popular 10 mile rocky traverse over a series of mountains in the Whites with terrific views.

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Difficulty: Difficile
Length: 10.0 miles / 16.1 km
Duration: Mezza Giornata
Accessibile alle Famiglie • Accessibile ai Cani
Anteprima: This is one of the most popular and beautiful hikes in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Mt. Chocorua looks like the summit of a peak you may find in the Colorado Rockies! Once you get up to the ridge via the steep ridge trail you will be following a ridge traverse over several rocky peaks to the summit of Chocorua. There you will have amazing views towards Mt. Washington and the rest of the White Mountains. Make sure to bring good shoes for some rocky scrambles and a camera.

Consigli: Trailhead:

Take Route 16 north from the town of Chocorua until you see a White Mountain Forest hiking sign next to a convenience store on your right. Follow this dirt road until you reach the parking lot for the trailhead. It costs $3 per day to park here.

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Piper Trailhead

Here you will park your car.

Trail Junction

Head to your right to continue up the Piper Trail. You will travel uphill pretty steeply now and soon will take the Ledge Trail to your right at POI #3.

Ledge Trail Connector

Veer off the Piper Trail you started off on to the right onto the Ledge Trail which is steep but has really great views making it worth it.

Carter Ledge Trail Junction

Here you will join the Carter Ledge Trail up to the Third Sister and the junction with the Middle Sister Trail over the ridge.

Middle Sister Trail Junction

Here you will join up with the Middle Sister Trail that will take you over Third, Middle and First Sister Peaks on the way to Chocorua.

Third Sister

At ~3,240 feet you are at the top of Third Sister.

Middle Sister Summit

At 3,354 you are the summit of Middle Sister. You will find the stone base remains of an old fire tower here. You will also have spectacular views towards your destination, Mt. Chocorua.

Mt. Chocorua Summit

You are now at the summit of this 3,475 foot peak in the southern White Mountains of New Hampshire. You will have a 360 degree view. To your north is the bulk of the 4,000 foot peaks and to the west are the Tripyramids. Take lots of photos then head south on the Hammond trail to complete your loop down. There is a trail called the West Side trail that is below the summit that will let you continue along the ridge safely without being exposed over the Chocorua summit. Hopefully you will have good weather and not need this trail.

Liberty Trail Junction

Here you will see a trail descending down to the south to your right. Ignore this and continue on down the ridge on the Hammond Trail. Before you go though, take the time to check out the very cool Jim Liberty Cabin. I've included some photos of the trail down from the summit on the Hammond Trail here as well.

Weetamoo Trail Junction

Here you will take a left onto the Weetamoo Trail down the north side of the ridge to complete your loop hike back to your vehicle.
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Jonathan Ellinger
My son and I hiked this trail and we loved it. We didn't see a soul until we got to the peak. The hike up is challenging but gives you super views from each of the sister peaks. Keep a sharp eye for the paint marks for the trail. It took us 4 hours going up and about 3 hours coming down. Going up we took good breaks on the summits of the Sister peaks to enjoy the view. We started early (7:30AM) and there were 2 hikers on the peak when we got there, but we never saw more than 10 while we were eating lunch up there. I agree with the "difficult" rating for this hike but worth the effort.
Visited on Aug 24, 2012

da BostonBob on Aug 25, 2012
This trail was amazing! I'm from Colorado, so it's hard to come by a great trail outside the state, but this was great. The Carter ledge trail was awesome and challenging all the same. There were a lot of instances which required the use of your hands to climb, but it made it that much better. I completed the full hike in 6 hours while spending 40 minutes at the top. Great hike!
Visited on Jul 08, 2012

da coloradodude139 on Jul 08, 2012
Loved this hike. The first 5 miles are difficult but we barely saw anyone and the views were spectacular. When we reached the summit of Mt. Chocorua it was packed. Glad we took the path less traveled to get there. By far the most beautiful and difficult hike I've been on in a while.
Visited on Jun 16, 2012

da sdav9262 on Jun 22, 2012

Mt. Chocorua Trail Map

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