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Moab, Utah, United States

Devils Garden and the Primitive Trail

Take a tour of the best formations of Arches National Park

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Difficulty: Facile
Length: 7.2 miles / 11.6 km
Duration: 1-3 ore
Anteprima: Devils Garden is the second most-visited section of Arches National Park, after Delicate Arch, and home to the longest trail in the park: a 7.2-mile loop touring 7 different arches, all spectacular. Many visitors hike the shortened version of the loop: 1 mile along a paved path to Landscape Arch, with 2 short optional detours to Tunnel Arch and Pine Tree Arch along the way. If you are looking for more, continue up the slickrock fins to see Partition Arch, Navajo Arch, and Double O Arch. Only a small percentage of visitors complete the entire loop with a quick visit to Dark Angel and Private Arch before returning along the Primitive Trail and meeting back up with the rest of the crowd near Landscape Arch where the paved path starts up again.

Consigli: Arches National Park can be very hot in the summer, and the dry heat makes it difficult to know how much water you are actually losing, as your sweat will dry almost instantly. Over-prepare and bring extra water, especially if you are planning to complete the entire loop, as you will likely be by yourself for a couple of miles along the Primitive trail, with nowhere nearby to refill your water.

There are water fountains and restrooms at the trailhead near the parking lot.

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Devils Garden offers many different arches to the hiker; you can pick and choose a few select Arches or take the grand tour and see them all. Start by parking your car in the nearby lot and head out on the paved path (the path is paved up until Landscape Arch).

Tunnel Arch

After only 0.25 miles from the trailhead you will come to the first fork on the trail. To see Tunnel Arch, take the trail leading off to the right and stay right when the trail splits again. It should only be about a minute off the main trail.

Pine Tree Arch

To add Pine Tree Arch to your list as well head to the trail coming off of the fork and you will be able to walk up to Pine Tree Arch, which is better protected from the sun than Tunnel Arch. After you have seen enough, head back to the main paved path to continue the hike.

Landscape Arch

Landscape Arch is the longest arch in Arches National Park, and the longest national arch in the world according to the Natural Arch and Bridge Society. It is 290ft at its longest section. More recently, several chunks have fallen from it, and the trail leading below it has since been closed for safety reasons, but you can still get fairly close from the designated viewing area.

Landscape Arch is only 1 mile from the trailhead, and the path is fairly flat the entire way, with a few minor exceptions. Many hikers choose to end their hike here rather than continuing along the Primitive Trail and onto Double O Arch, Dark Angel, and Private Arch among others. This is also where the paved path ends, and a path along rock fins and slickrock begins. If you are up for it, continue on to some of the other magnificent arches where there are fewer crowds.

Partition Arch

Only 0.25 miles further you will reach another optional detour to Partition Arch and Navajo Arch. Stay left at the next fork to visit Partition Arch, which offers a great view of the plateau though the rock window. Head back a little ways; turn left, and continue to Navajo Arch.

Navajo Arch

Navajo Arch is significantly more shaded than any other arch on the hike, and is great place to rest from the hot desert sun. There are some interesting formations on the walls nearby that look like some mix between rock and Swiss cheese. After you have cooled down a bit, hike back to the main trail to continue on to Double O Arch.

Double O Arch

It doesn’t take one long to discover how this arch got its name. Double O Arch is the second largest arch in Devils Garden, after Landscape Arch which is the longest natural arch in the world. The top arch spans 71ft, while the smaller bottom arch spans 21ft.

For a better perspective of the arch, hike through the lower arch to the other side and partially up the slope, where you will get a great view of both arches framing the desert plateau and the horizon in the background. If you plan to take the Primitive Trail to Dark Angel and Private Arch, hike back through the arch and continue along the trail to the left before climbing back up to the main viewpoint.

Dark Angel

0.4 miles after leaving Double O Arch you will arrive at what looks like a giant pillar in the ground. It may be somewhat unexpected, as it is not an arch like everything else thus far, but it is still worth the hike. Head back towards Double O Arch, following the Primitive Trail to the left when you are almost back at Double O Arch.

Private Arch

This section of the Primitive Trail is no more difficult that the previous section, but seems much more remote. Be sure to check your water supply before heading out on this last section; the dry heat makes it difficult to know just how much water you are actually losing, and walking along the sandy trail takes longer than expected.

0.4 miles after you start the Primitive Trail you will arrive at a fork leading 0.2 miles to Private Arch, appropriately named as you may not see other hikes until your return to the main trail near Landscape Arch. Head back to the Primitive Trail and turn right to finish the remaining 1.5-mile hike through the desolate area before meeting up with the paved path at Landscape Arch. After that it’s 1 mile further along the paved road until you reach the trailhead.
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Great hike. We just did and out and back to Double O Arch with short side trips to Navajo, Partition, Tunnel, and Pine Tree Arch on the way back. Great job on the Guide Trip
Visited on Apr 25, 2013

da Fritzd on May 05, 2013
This is definitely my favorite hike in the park. Delicate Arch is also a great little hike, but this one gets you away from the crowds a bit after the first mile or two.

1-3 hours (as listed) seems pretty optimistic, especially if you are stopping at all the arches along the way and taking in the sights. I'd definitely plan on a little more time, probably closer to 4 hours.

da avalanche256 on Oct 03, 2011
My favorite hike in Arches. This hike has everything, you probably pass around 12-15 different amazing arches by the time you are finished. The first sections are a lot more crowded than the further sections, but it was all fun to walk around.

Make sure to bring lots of water--we ran out with about a mile or so left, and it was HOT. The final section of the primitive trail was very sandy, and it took us longer than expected because it was hard to keep momentum up.

Visited on Jun 27, 2009

da chris on Jul 08, 2011

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