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Peak District National Park

England, United Kingdom
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Peak District: Kinder Scout
da TheakyTheCat su Aug 23, 2009
Edale, England, United Kingdom
9.7 miles
This was a fantastic walk that took us just under 5 hours. Starting from Edale we walked up the old Penine way up Grinds Brook and into Grindsbrook Clough.  As you get up higher you are climbing up the river. The last bit involves climbing up a large rock fall.  This was our first real Peak District walk and was great fun.We met a bloke with a couple of lkids who were...
Cardlemere Lane SK1659-6a 05-06-18. Photo
Sough Lane (top) SK1270-2a A 05-06-18. Photo
Green laning in Derbyshire
da Richard-E su Apr 12, 2008
Froggatt, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
56 miles
A great day out with a mixture of easy and slightly challenging lanes. The typically April weather was mostly sunny with the occasional rain or sleet shower. The sunshine meant we were able to enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Peak District. Towards the end of our run we were rewarded with a superb view overlooking Matlock, complete with a steam train, belonging to the Peak Rail preserved railway.Beware! Following the NERC...
Green Lane 4.jpg (Middleton, United Kingdom) Photo
Green Lane 6.jpg (Edensor, United Kingdom) Photo
Green Lane 7.jpg (Edensor, United Kingdom) Photo
Derbyshire Lanes - Edensor Bakewell Middleton Hartington Matlock Edensor
da Richard-E su Apr 25, 2009
Edensor, England, United Kingdom
40 miles
A lovely family day out using several easy green lanes. Beware! Following the NERC Act 2006 many routes in the Peak District have become Restricted Byways or been closed to vehicles by TROs (Traffic Regulation Orders) Please check your route using (click on the link): a) TrailWise Click on "Browse maps" then Zoom in and move to the area of the road you want to checkb) Derbyshire CC Mapping Portal Chang map...
Walk 001.jpg Photo
Walk 003.jpg Photo
Walk 004.jpg Photo
Walk 005.jpg Photo
Mam Tor - Castleton
da Ian_Corker su Jul 31, 2010
England, United Kingdom
10.6 miles
Roych Clough 06-12-14.jpg (Chapel en le Frith, United Kingdom) Photo
PDRM0683.JPG (Chapel en le Frith, United Kingdom) Photo
PDRM0692.JPG (Chapel en le Frith, United Kingdom) Photo
Derbyshire Lanes - Edensor to Roych Clough
da Richard-E su Dec 29, 2008
Edensor, England, United Kingdom
33 miles
This was a great opportunity to get into the countryside for a break over the Christmas/New Year holiday. The weather was kind to us so we were able to enjoy the Peak District scenery without having to concentrate too much on slippery conditions. Most of the lanes today were quite straightforward apart from Bradley Lane and Roych Clough. Since 19th September 2013 the Peak District National Park Authority has applied a TRO...
Looking towards Mam Tor on climb up to Stanton edge (Bamford, United Kingdom) Photo
Its deeper than it looks! (Bradwell, United Kingdom) Photo
 (Hope, United Kingdom) Photo
Dave (Hope, United Kingdom) Photo
Shatton Edge and Hope Brink
da brothersmith su Dec 22, 2008
Hathersage, England, United Kingdom
16.6 miles
DSC_0318.jpg Photo
DSC_0330.jpg Photo
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DSC_0350.jpg Photo
Chatsworth Aquaduct
da yodaboy su Dec 11, 2009
Beeley, England, United Kingdom
6.9 miles
Cloud invertion above Chatsworth (Hassop, United Kingdom) Photo
But I hate wet grass- Grrr (Bakewell, United Kingdom) Photo
Its days like this that really make me love autumn (Bakewell, United Kingdom) Photo
da brothersmith su Oct 21, 2007
Peaks, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
18.7 miles
Excellent trip around some of the best wooded singletrack the white Peak has to offer. This particular day was a stunning autumn day. You can read more on my blog at
17967965.jpg (Poynton, United Kingdom) Photo
3985748.jpg (Poynton, United Kingdom) Photo
17300397.jpg (Poynton, United Kingdom) Photo
13050220.jpg (Disley, United Kingdom) Photo
Middlewood to Lyme Park circular
da Petres su Jun 10, 2009
Middlewood, England, United Kingdom
8.0 miles
A truly enjoyable walk through woodland fields and canal tow paths, gentle uphill sections but fairly flat. Starting from Middlewood train station on the Buxton line, from Manchester and Stockport or by car via the A6. Lyme Park is on route and a great place to stop and have sandwiches or visit the cafe and have a cream tea. Whilst in Lyme Park there are plenty of things to do, a great...
800px-Winhill.jpg.jpeg Photo
Win Hill - Ladybower
da collylogic su May 19, 2009
7.8 miles

great what more can I say , was a wonderful day
Visited on Jun 06, 2014

da CozzyUK on Jun 30, 2014
a challenging run with some serious hills
Visited on Mar 08, 2014

da jonathanure on May 06, 2014
Just a little reainy, but very nice location for hiking holidays.
Visited on Apr 20, 2012

da Dan-Sam on May 28, 2012
We had another lovely stay in the Peak District. Weather wasn't perfect on the first day, but the second was lovely. Clear skies & great views.
Visited on Jan 10, 2012

da sarjeantj on Jan 23, 2012
Great walk, was a lovely sunny day which helped. You never tire of hope valley.
Visited on Apr 09, 2011

da ceno2012 on Apr 13, 2011
Good all round trip, nothing too difficult, and this would be suitable for most riders. Very pleasant scenery.
Visited on Sep 28, 2010

da andyggibson on Mar 28, 2011
Not as off road as I would have liked. Still a decent enough ride, but there are better routes nearby.
Visited on Aug 11, 2010

da partridgej on Aug 28, 2011
Great area lots to see :)
Visited on Jul 07, 2010

da ian_harker on Apr 24, 2011
very busy near the famous stepping stones near ilam, so nip off when you can if you're on a quiet walk.
Visited on Jan 01, 2010

da adibranch on Nov 23, 2010

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