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Cleghorn Lakes Wilderness

California, United States
Community Trips
Sunnyvale-Gardens_0.jpg Photo
Sunnyvale-Gardens_1.jpg Photo
Sunnyvale-Gardens_2.jpg Photo
Sunnyvale-Gardens_3.jpg Photo
Sunnyvale Gardens
da ursaborealis su Mar 21, 2009
The Plaza, California, United States
0.1 miles
A walk around the garden.
3375435349_a352cd4244_o Photo
Day 97 Start / 2009:03:22 07:18:12 Temp at 13C Photo
2009:03:22 08:11:53 Photo
2009:03:22 10:40:37 Photo
earthmarathon / DAY 97 / 090322
da earth marathon data su Mar 22, 2009
The Plaza, California, United States
24 miles
DAY 97 / America 10 Days, Wonder Valley, CA - Amboy Rd, CARun : 42.1km      Time : 5:59 /  Start : 7:15  Goal : 13:14Total : 13,728.2km    KANPEI EARTH Marathon Supporters ClubKANPEI EARTH Marathon Official WebsiteEarth.Marathon.English (Flickr)earthmarathon (Japanese) (Flickr)

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