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Birkhead Mountains Wilderness

North Carolina, United States
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Troop 451 Spring Backpacker - Birkhead Wilderness
da bikesandbooks su Mar 26, 2011
Martha, North Carolina, United States
6.9 miles
Troop 451 Camping Merit Badge group worked on some requirements and enjoyed a great early spring trip in the gentle rolling hills of the Birkhead Wilderness, part of the Uwharrie National Forest.
Uwharrie-Birkhead Wilderness Trail
da CarpetBagger su Nov 27, 2008
Mechanic, North Carolina, United States
6.6 miles
Day hike with my Boykin Spaniel.  A few hunters around, but saw no one on the trail.  Great loop trail that I have walked numerous times over the past 10 years.
Campsite on Robbins Branch Trail Photo
Uprooted Tree Photo
Birkhead Mountain Trail Photo
Foliage on Birkhead Mountain Trail Photo
Birkhead Mountains Hike
da jmpncsu su Oct 06, 2012
Asheboro, North Carolina, United States
6.9 miles
Today, we started back with our series of hikes from Joe Miller's 100 Classic Hikes in NC, doing hike #36 from the book.  This hike is in the Birkhead Mountains Wilderness area of Uwharrie National Forest.  Following the book, we started from the Robbins Branch Road Trailhead, which is off a small gravel road off of Lassiter Mill Road.  After hiking just a few minutes, we took the left fork in the...
Robbins Trail
da Bresslers su Nov 10, 2013
Martha, North Carolina, United States
6.7 miles
Please note - the time we took to finish this hike is not indicative of the difficulty of the trail, it only indicates that we stop constantly to take pictures!  This is a great hike!  We made this trip in the fall, and the colors were amazing.  Not much in the way of wildlife, except some interesting bugs, a few lizards, and some birds - probably a good thing since it was...
Birkhead Wilderness day one
da bikesandbooks su Mar 26, 2011
Martha, North Carolina, United States
3.4 miles
Birkhead Wilderness day two
da bikesandbooks su Mar 27, 2011
Mechanic, North Carolina, United States
3.5 miles
100_1943.JPG Photo
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100_1948.JPG Photo
da richardwashe su Jun 17, 2011
Asheboro, North Carolina, United States
3.2 miles
The outbound leg of me taking my nephew (age 11) on his first backpacking trip. We returned the same way.
Squirrel Hunt 2/12
da burkes su Feb 10, 2012
Martha, North Carolina, United States
7.3 miles
Didn't see a thing, couple bird.  Knocked a couple pine cones off a log.

Very nice rolling mountains and well maintained. Rangers are very nice and helpful. I was disappointed with the mountain top veiws, because there isn't any. I saw several snakes, so be careful!
Visited on Aug 05, 2012

da victory402 on Sep 14, 2012
I really enjoyed this trip! It was a great introductory trip for my nephew - his first backpacking trip at age 11 - and good refresher for me - my first in over a decade.
Visited on Jun 17, 2011

da richardwashe on Jul 04, 2011

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