Snowboarding Guides and Trips in China

Guide Snowboarding gettonati e viaggi in China che puoi usare per pianificare la prossima avventura. Puoi scaricare guide, incluse mappe dettagliate, descrizioni e punti di interesse ad un piccolo prezzo per il tuo iPhone o Android.

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Snowboarding in Yabuli 09'
da collinpat su Dec 26, 2009
Yabuli, Heilongjiang, China
Snowboarding | 1.8 miles
My 1st ever snowboarding! :). It felt like wakeboarding, only sliding on snow. Temperture in Yabuli was freezing at an average -20 deg during daytime. The bus ride from Harbin to Yabuli takes about 4-5 hours. Pretty scary in a bus filled with people and sped on a slippery snow covered road!!Eventually our bus skidded and luckily no one was injured in the accident. (except our bus driver got into a fight...
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Nanshan Trip
da markbourne su Feb 14, 2011
Beijing, Beijing, China
Snowboarding | 6.9 miles
A great day out with Jukka and Adrian.Glorious blue sky day and great crowd on the hill.STATSLength: 11.1 km Duration: 3 hours, 35 minutes, 42 seconds ...
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Nanshan - trying out GoPro Hero2 and Go-Poles.
da markbourne su Feb 15, 2012
Beijing, Beijing, China
Snowboarding | 9.1 miles
A great day at Nanshan.   Instructed Kim Chan on how to snowboard in the morning then quickly did 13 runs testing my new GoPros and Go-Poles.Top speed 50.4 km/hr.
Nanshan Trip
da markbourne su Feb 15, 2011
Beijing, Beijing, China
Snowboarding | 12.2 miles
A great day on the hill with Adrian and Elke and my helmet cam.STATSLength: 19.6 km Duration: 5 hours, 0 minutes, 54 seconds ...
Nanshan with Rob and Amy Townsend + Yazziie Todd
da markbourne su Feb 21, 2011
Henanzhai, Beijing, China
Snowboarding | 12.9 miles
A great day snowboarding with Rob Townsend and his daughter Amy and her mate Yazziie Todd all from Wales.18 runsTop speed 88.6km/hrLength: 20.7 km Duration: 4 hours, 22 minutes, 13 seconds ...
Untitled Trip 01-25-11
da snowhook su Jan 25, 2011
Beijing, Beijing, China
Snowboarding | 1.8 miles
Untitled Trip 01-25-11
da snowhook su Jan 25, 2011
Beijing, Beijing, China
Snowboarding | 0.3 miles
Untitled Trip 12-30-11
da snowhook su Dec 30, 2011
Zhangjiakou, Hebei, China
Snowboarding | 7.4 miles
Train ride
da renes747 su Mar 12, 2014
Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Snowboarding | 668 miles