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Fly-fishing at Arda Beach
Fly-fishing at Arda Beach
Madzharovo, Khaskovo, Bulgaria
Facile: 1.0 miles, Una Giornata
fly-fishing or angling at the beautiful Arda river

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Fly-fishing at Arda Beach
da baksanir su Jun 04, 2011
Ivaylovgrad, Haskovo, Bulgaria
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If you wonder where to go for fly-fishing, Arda river is the perfect spot. Get your tackels and go near the town of Madjarovo, where the river is great for catching mullets. Most of the watercourse is shallow and you can enjoy walking in it while fishing, but there are also deep spots where the big fish is.Ако се чудите къде да идете да мухарски риболов, река Арда е перфектното место. Вземете...
Fly fishing in Bulgaria (Pŭnchevo, Burgas, Bulgaria) Photo
Fly fishing Bulgaria (Zhelyazkovo, Burgas, Bulgaria) Photo
Fly Fishing in Bulgaria - Strandja Mountain
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Strandja, Bulgaria
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Great trout fishing in the last unspoiled river in Bulgaria - Rezovska river!Departure to Rezovska river. Running through Bulgaria and Turkey, it springs from the Turkish part of the Strandja Mountain where it is known under the name Passpalderessi. The river forms a deep valley with many meanders and serves as border line between Bulgaria and Turkey. It runs into the Black Sea near the village of Rezovo. The total length of the river is 112 km....
da drbrain su Dec 13, 2008
Topoli, Varna, Bulgaria
Pesca a mosca | 3.8 miles